About Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits

What can I do with Facebook Credits?

Use Facebook Credits with your favorite games on Facebook, to rent movies or to donate to charity!

  • Watch Batman's Dark Knight
  • Buy more houses on Monopoly Millionaire
  • Decorate your avatar on IT Girl
  • Donate to StandUp2Cancer

And more!

Donate your credits for the holidays towards cancer research!

Where do I find my Credits?

Click on any application in Facebook and see your credits on the top right corner.

*Terms and Conditions

In connection with applicable purchase(s) from HousewaresDeals.com ("Retailer"), you will receive "Facebook Credits" through Ifeelgoods, Inc. ("Promotion"). The number of Facebook Credits you receive will be as specified by Retailer (in writing) in connection with this Incentive. This Offer applies exclusively to purchases made on HousewaresDeals.com. The number of credits is specified for each campaign.

This Promotion ends when the Retailer indicates it is no longer available or while supplies last (the "Promotion Period").

Facebook Credits will be deposited into your account immediately. In the event of any technical issues, which may arise in the redemption of the Facebook Credits, Ifeelgoods reserves, the right to deliver the credits within 72 hours of the purchase and you will be notified via email.

Facebook Credits can only be redeemed using Ifeelgoods' Facebook application and can be used on applicable Facebook applications and games.

This Incentive cannot be resold, transferred or combined with any other offer. This Offer has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or redeemed.

This Incentive is subject to Ifeelgoods' standard terms and conditions located at http://my.ifeelgoods.com/terms-and-conditions.html ("Terms and Conditions"), as well as Ifeelgoods' privacy policy located at http://my.ifeelgoods.com/privacy.html ("Privacy Policy"). Ifeelgoods strongly encourages you to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy closely. In the event of a conflict between this Offer and the Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy, this Offer will control. Retailer and Ifeelgoods each reserve the right to cancel, suspend or modify part of this entire Offer at any time without notice, for any reason in their sole discretion.

This Offer is void to the extent prohibited by applicable law.